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Oggetto: Pope Head – MoMA Dubrovnik Dec 2016

Hi Cristiano, Giulia,

It was a pleasure to meet you Giulia on the opening night. Thank you for the blog page on the Francis Bacon Collection website; that is very generous of you. Thank you Cristiano for the possibility of the exhibition. I know there were many people involved in the organisation of such an important event. But such an important one as in my research there are so many commentators insisted that Francis did not draw.

I saw with my own eyes from his personal sketch or note book that he did. I came to my own conclusions in my research about a number of things. All of which have been confirmed by those who knew him.

I am very privileged to have met remaining friends from probably 2, 3 or 4 circles.

As he had many circles of friends, acquaintances, and so on.

It was a great honour for me to present Pope Head at the exhibition.

Brilliant Events (Darija & Jelena)  looked after me very well and we wish to work together on future projects.

I would love very much to bring the show to you in Italy. I also have an audio CD which I can send to you.

Again the exhibition is a very significant and thought provoking one. Of course he drew!? It was delight to see this evidence and I did chuckle at the so called expert views that he did not. This was always my gut feeling.

However I must say I do not pretend to be an art historian. I am an actor and a writer, who is learning more and more.

Your writing Giulia and also Vesna is very skilled and much appreciated as is the writing of Umberto Guerini which is so fascinating as I also studied law and have a passion for law too. Again no I am no expert but have a keen ear and eye for this information.

The art world is an endless fascination for me and nothing for me is more fascinating than Francis bacon and playing him; this is intense but also a joyful and fun experience.

“Here’s to you, here’s to everything that you want. What more can I offer you?” – Francis Bacon

Very best wishes for 2017 !



“This is a show that I warmed to as it progressed until I was fully immersed. Here is a chance to learn more about a major artist of the twentieth century via a very talented actor.” – ScotsGay


Best Garry Roost

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